Children’s safety is of paramount importance at Dr South’s.  We believe it is everybody’s responsibility.

Children have a responsibility to look after themselves.

We are passionate about making sure that children have the skills to keep themselves safe.  As well as teaching the children about issues such as internet safety through discrete lessons, we also ensure that we dripfeed issues around safety through the curriculum in other ways, for example by teaching cycling proficiency, water safety, Junior Citizen, Injury Minimisation and the safe use of tools.

The school has a responsibility to look after the children.

Dr South’s Primary School ensures that all relevant pre-employment checks are carried out on employees and workers directly. In particular, the following specific checks are carried out:

  • All employees/workers appointed/engaged prior to March 2002 (and with no subsequent change to their employment arrangement requiring a further check) have been subject to a check against List 99; additionally, those appointed between 1989 and March 2002 would have been subject to a satisfactory police check;
  • All employees/workers appointed/engaged since March 2002 have been subject to a satisfactory Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check. This check included a check against List 99;
  • All employees/workers appointed/engaged since 12th October 2009 have been subject to a satisfactory Enhanced CRB check, including a check against List 99/Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) Barred List;
  • All employees/workers appointed/engaged since 1st December 2012 have been subject to a satisfactory Enhanced with Barred List check through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

Dr South’s Primary School also ensures that relevant employees, and workers engaged directly are not disqualified under the Childcare Act 2006 and the Childcare (Disqualification) Regulations 2009 from:

  • Early Years provision – providing any care (including education) for a child up to and including reception age (from birth to 1st September following the child’s 5th birthday);
  • Later Years provision – working in childcare provided by the school outside of school hours for children who are above reception age but who have not attained the age of 13.
  • Management of any of the above provision.

Such employees and workers are required to sign a declaration every year to confirm that there has been no change to their criminal record and that they are not disqualified under the Childcare Disqualification Regulations.

Unsupervised, regular volunteers and all Governors are also subject to the above safeguarding checks.

Supervised, regular volunteers are subject to the above safeguarding checks, with the current exception of the Children’s Barred List check.

As appropriate, visitors to the school are asked to provide photographic ID and are provided with a visitor’s pass.

Third party organisations deploying staff or workers to the school are required to provide confirmation that the pre-employment and safeguarding checks relevant to the role have been carried.

Parents have a responsibility to look after their children.

It is always good to be pro-active when talking about issues of safety with your children rather than waiting for a problem.  If you have an approach which means that things are discussed in an open manner, your child will be more inclined to approach you if they have a concern.

Parents may find these links helpful when talking about internet safety with their children:

This is a guide for parents on the social networks and games that children use.

This site includes age specific advice (including for Early Years) about what children might be doing online, how to talk to them about what they are doing and advice and support on parental controls.