Oak Class consists of the children in lower Key Stage Two, in Years 3 and 4 (ages 7 to 9).  In this class, the children develop their learning in all areas.  For those who have not yet fully mastered phonics, their daily sessions continue in ability groups, enabling those who have finished our phonics scheme to receive advanced lessons in reading and writing.  All children participate in weekly guided reading sessions.  There are also daily mathematics lessons.

Many of the other curriculum areas (history, geography, art) are taught through the topic work the children undertake; this is based around the books the children are studying.  The children also have weekly Religious Education (RE) lessons, weekly specialist music teaching and twice weekly PE, and, for part of the year, swimming.

The children continue their outdoor learning with trips to Forest School.

As well as individual support for those children who have learning needs, there is substantial teaching assistant support within the class to enable children to develop and flourish.