Ash Class is the base for the children in Years 1 and 2 (ages 5 to 7).  Here, we take the solid foundations laid in Willow Class and develop the children’s ability in all areas, but particularly in the fundamental skills of English and Maths.  The children receive daily phonic lessons in ability groups until they have mastered the complicated alphabetic code of English, and then are taught more advanced skills commensurate with their ability.  These groups are of rarely more than ten children.  All children, including those who have finished the phonic scheme, participate in weekly guided reading sessions.  There are also daily mathematics lessons, again in small ability groups.

The children also enjoy learning about other areas, particularly topic.  This may be based around books that they are studying, and includes aspects of history, geography and art.  There are also weekly Religious Education (RE) lessons, weekly specialist music lessons and twice weekly Physical Education (PE) lessons.

During the summer term, the children have outdoor learning sessions each week at the Jacobs’ Field, an agricultural area of the village where we are allowed to grow and crop a wide variety of plants, while learning about the natural world.

There is a full-time equivalent teaching assistant for the class, along with significant extra staffing for the small group work.