Consultation on Potential Conversion to an Academy

Letter sent to parents on 17th March from Tim Fox, Chair of Governors.

You may have read about state schools which have become Academies. And you may have seen coverage in the last two days of the Chancellor’s announcement that the Government will make all schools become Academies by 2022.

All school governing bodies have to consider if converting to an Academy would be in the best interests of their school.  I am writing to you today to inform you that, after very careful consideration, the governors of Dr South’s voted at our meeting on 3rd March to register their interest in the school converting to become an Academy. The purpose of this letter is to explain why we took that decision and what converting would mean for the school.

This does not mean that the governors have decided that we will apply for the school to become an Academy, just that we are considering it.  No final decisions have been taken yet.

Before taking any final decision, we are consulting parents, the staff, the local authority and the parish council.  We want to answer their questions and hear their views before we decide what to do.   We will take into account what all those people have to say and consider it very carefully before deciding what to do next.