Please be advised – this page is a work in progress. We are continuing to update the website for compliance due to recently becoming an Academy and the changes associated with the transition.

School websites have to comply with National regulations. Below is a list of how we comply, with notes and links to the relevant pages.

It is compiled from guidance produce by the Department for Education, can be viewed online and is entitled “What maintained schools must publish online”. The information was last updated on 3rd December 2015.

School name;
School postal address;
School telephone number;
The name of the person who deals with queries from parents and other members of the public.
Admission arrangements:
“You must publish one of the following:”

  1. Publish school admission arrangements, explaining how we consider applications for every age group, which must including:
    Arrangements for selecting the pupils who apply;
    Oversubscription criteria;
    An explanation of what parents should do if they want to apply for their child to attend the school.

2) Publish details of how parents can find details of admissions arrangements through the LA.

Not sure we completely comply with this. Will check with Huw. Also there is a link broken that needs fixing.
OFSTED reports:
“You must publish either:”A copy of latest report or provide a website link to it.

Exam and Assessment results (KS2):

“You must publish the following details from your school’s most recent KS2 results:”

Percentage of pupils who achieved level 4 or above in reading, writing & maths;

Percentage of pupils who have improved by 2 or more levels in reading, writing & maths between KS1 & KS2;

Percentage of pupils who achieved level 5 or above in reading & writing;

Percentage of pupils who achieved level 5 or above in maths.

Performance tables:

Provide a link to DfE school and college performance tables website.