Newsletter 8th June 2018

Dear parents and carers,

Butterfly Day – Wednesday 13th June

We will be visited by Butterfly Conservation education officers next Wednesday.  They will work with each class looking at caterpillars, butterflies and moths and helping the children learn more about them.

Charity Event

Ash and Willow classes will be running a charity event at 3.00pm next Friday 15th June.  Do please arrive early and bring change.  If you cannot be there, please send money in with your child so they can support the event.

New children

This week we welcomed Annabel (Y2) and Hugh (YR) who have transferred to this school.

We have also welcomed Evie and Molly (Nursery), who are visiting us on Fridays prior to joining us in Reception in the autumn. Do keep an eye out for them in the playground.

May Day Thank You

A huge thank you to everyone who helped to make May Day such a success. It was a great team effort and together we raised over £1650 for the school, which is absolutely brilliant. Thank you to everybody who helped: either by contributing delicious quiches, salads and cakes; donating toys, books, clothes and prizes or by setting up and running the stalls and clearing away at the end. We could not have organised the day without you, so we are extremely grateful!  The money will go into the Sparkle Fund, to pay for resources and activities to enrich the education of all the children at Dr South’s.

Sun protection

As you are aware, we have children in school who are highly allergic to some nut products.  Thank you for your support in not sending in sun creams whilst we establish what products are safe.

At times of significant sun, please apply suncream (of any sort) at home before your child comes to school.  If you wish your child to have their own suncream at school, it is acceptable for them to bring some (in a labelled bottle) to school; please use products from the SunSense range (, as these do not have nut derivatives.

Road Closure

This is just to remind you that the Wheatley Road will be closed next week beginning 11th June.  If you travel from that direction, please allow more time to navigate the diversion.

This week we congratulated:

  • Willow Class: Hughie, for settling into Willow class so well.
  • Ash Class: All of Ash Class for being supportive, flexible and understanding during SATS week.
  • Oak Class: Flora for an excellent review of Macavity; Clara for an excellent detailed Wanted poster;
  • Beech Class: Aoife, for great work on subtraction in maths; Millie, for an informative non-chronological report on electronic devices;
  • Art Award: Sylvia, for her fabulous string art design of a sausage dog and for her fabulous attitude and helpfulness all week;
  • Sports Award: Amelie P, for 100% effort and a positive attitude to all challenges this week.

 Our Christian Value this term is Perseverance.  Can your child give examples of how we can benefit by persevering?

Future events (w/b 11th June)

All week:

  • Year 1 phonic screen


  • Forest School – Year 4


  • Forest School – Year 6
  • Mrs Halsey is on a training event in the afternoon – Mr Morgan will take the class


  • Ms Rayner is on a training event


  • Year 3/4/5 trip to the synagogue
  • Mrs Brees is on a training event


  • Beech Class swimming
  • Year 5 cycling test
  • Ash and Willow Class charity event


Dates for the year

  • 11/06/2018                              Year 1 phonic screening week
  •                                                    Year 5 cycling week
  • 15/06/2018                              Ash and Willow Class charity event
  • 03/07/2018                              Sport Morning and family picnic
  • 07/07/2018                              Islip Village Fete
  • 11/07/2018      2.00pm          Ash and Willow Class production
  • 19/07/2018      1.30pm          Oak and Beech Class production
  •                             6.00pm         Oak and Beech Class production
  • 23/07/2018                              Reserve Sport Morning
  • 25/07/2018      2.00pm          Leavers’ Service
  •                                                    End of term