Newsletter 27th April 2018

Dear parents and carers,

Site Security

Our top priority is to keep children safe at school.  Please make sure once the gates are locked that you enter school via the office area.  We need to ensure that the children see the site walls and fences as boundaries not to be crossed and you can help us with this.  Thank you.

Forthcoming events

As you know, we publish significant dates at the end of each newsletter, but I wanted to draw your attention to a few events coming up.

May Day this year will be on Thursday 24th May.  Detailed information will be sent out nearer the time, but the format will be broadly the same as last time.  If you are new to the school, please talk to somebody to find out more – there is no way of putting down on paper how it works!  Don’t forget school is closed on Friday 25th May.

The end of year productions are coming closer.  Ash and Willow Classes will be performing on Wednesday 11th July at 2.00pm, and Oak and Beech classes on Thursday 19th July at 1.30pm and 6.00pm.  Please note the evening performance as we are hoping that all KS2 children will be able to attend.

Finally, please note that school will be closed for the early May Holiday on Monday 7th May.

This week we congratulated:

  • Willow Class: Molly, for being such a kind and caring member of the class;
  • Ash Class: Milly B, for good work on adjectives; Lily G, for leading her group in a maths challenge;
  • Oak Class: Charlie, for great work using column subtraction; Margot, for an imaginative modern version of Cinderella;
  • Beech Class:  Aoife, for a positive attitude and perseverance in maths when adding several numbers; Evie, for consistently producing fantastic pieces of writing;
  • Art Award: George, for showing enthusiasm and creativity;
  • Sports Award: Agnes, for focus, listening and wanting to play;
  • Cooking Award:  Phoebe, for persevering when things were hard and having a positive attitude.

Our Christian Value this term is Hope.  What can your child tell you about Blind Bartimaeus?  Can your child tell you the story of Hanukkah? 

 Future events (w/b 30th April)

All week:

  • Cookery – Beech Class
  • Art – Year 3
  • Sport – Year 4


  • Forest School – Year 3


  • Forest School – Year 5


  • Governor finance meeting
  • Some of Oak class are at a tennis tournament


  • Oak Class swimming

Dates for the year

  • 07/05/2018                              Bank Holiday – school closed
  • 14/05/2018                              Year 6 Assessment (SATS) week
  • 18/05/2018      2.30pm          Oak Class assembly
  • 24/05/2018                              May Day
  • 25/05/2018 – 01/06/2018    Half term holiday
  • 06/06/2018                              Class photographs
  • 11/06/2018                              Year 1 phonic screening week
  •                                                     Year 5 cycling week
  • 15/06/2018                              Ash and Willow Class charity event
  • 03/07/2018                              Sport Morning and family picnic
  • 11/07/2018      2.00pm          Ash and Willow Class production
  • 19/07/2018      1.30pm          Oak and Beech Class production
  •                            6.00pm           Oak and Beech Class production
  • 23/07/2018                              Reserve Sport Morning
  • 25/07/2018      2.00pm           Leavers’ Service
  •                                                     End of term