Newsletter 23rd September 2016

Dear Parents,


Thank you to all those who made a special effort to be on time this week.  It was lovely to see the children playing in the playground before school and building up their friendships.  Please try to ensure the punctuality continues: a child will be marked as late if they are not in class and settled by the time of the register.


At the end of the day, please be aware that up to Year 2, we check that parents are in the playground before sending children out, but from Year 3 upwards we rely on the children to find their parents and let us know if they are not there.  If children have not been collected by 3.25pm, they are taken to the office.  Please let us know if you are running late, as we can arrange emergency care at after-school club if needed.  Also, please remember that if you wish your children to play games after school, they can be taken to the park.  Transition times are when accidents tend to happen, and there is no staff member supervising play in the playground after school.

St Nicholas Church

Rev Lucy invites you to a Family Service this Sunday at 10.30am at the Millennium Wood, Islip (short walk up the path between Jacob’s Field and the allotments).  This is to kick off a season harvest celebrations particularly thinking about the harvest of garden, allotment and hedgerow and appreciating the beauty of our environment.  Offerings of garden/hedgerow produce are invited – to display and, if possible, auction at the end of the service.  Wear wellies, bring umbrellas, chairs and rugs.  If there is any child wishing to read something short, please get in touch with Lucy.  We will be raising funds for Farm Africa.

Harvest Festival

This will take place in the church at 2.00pm on Thursday 6th October.  All are welcome.  To prepare for this, gifts of non-perishable food (which will be distributed to local food banks) are welcome from Monday 3rd so we can build a display in the hall.  They do not need to be specially wrapped.


Don’t forget the returns for this need to be in by next Friday 30th.  After this time you will need to buy tickets directly from the Playhouse.

This week we congratulated:

  • Willow Class: Jake, for good problem solving and fantastic ideas to support his friends’ learning;
  • Ash Class: Noah M, for always being ready for work; Bella, for greatly improved maths;
  • Oak Class: Hollie, for going above and beyond in all her work; Mila, for a great attitude to her learning and achieving all her targets;
  • Beech Class: Millie, for a well-constructed diary entry; Charlotte Gr, for excellent concentration in maths.


Future events (w/b 26th September)

All week

  • Cookery – Year 1
  • Cooper Building – Harvest Festival preparation – various year groups


  • Forest School – Year 4


  • Meeting for Willow Class parents to explain the Tapestry system – 9.15am
  • Forest School – Year 6


  • String lessons
  • Mrs Halsey is away at a conference
  • Meeting for Willow Class parents to explain the Tapestry system – 7.00pm


  • Beech Class swimming

Useful dates for the term

  • 06/10/16          2.00pm            Harvest Festival
  • 08/10/16          10.00am          Coffee morning and map talk
  • 11/10/16          3.00pm            Willow Class welcome meeting
  • 12/10/16                                   Ragtex collection
  • 18/10/16          3.00pm            Beech Class charity event
  • 19/10/16                                   Oak Class trip
  • 20/10/16          2.30pm            Beech sharing assembly
  • 21/10/16          3.15pm            Start of half-term holiday
  • 31/10/16          8.50am            Return to school
  • 09/11/16                                   Parent consultations
  • 10/11/16                                   Parent consultations
  • 06/12/16          2.00pm           Christingle service
  • 12/12/16                                   Children’s bazaar
  • 16/12/16          2.00pm           Carol service and nativity

Our Christian value for the term is Friendship.  Ask your child about how the paralysed man was helped by his friends, how we help each other and how not to be a fair-weather friend.