Newsletter 15th September 2017

Dear Parents,

Once a year we send out the newsletter in paper form as well as e-mail.  If you do not receive it by e-mail and would like to, please contact the school office.

Equalities Week

We have had a fascinating week thinking about different types of prejudice and how we can make the world a fairer place.  We particularly enjoyed hearing from Elizabeth Wright, Paralympic swimmer – do ask your child what they learned.


Thank you all the parents who make sure their children are at school ready to learn when the bell goes; it is a real help.  Learning starts as soon as the children get into the classroom, so to help us get the day off to a good start, we will be having a big focus on punctuality in the coming weeks.  The classes will enter school as soon as the bell goes (8.50am), and the register will close as soon as the teacher reaches the last name on the register.  After this time, you will be asked to register your child at the office.

Packed Lunches

Please remember that Dr South’s is a nut free school as far as possible.  We have children who are highly anaphylactic, so please do not use nut spreads or products made from any form of nut, including peanuts and pine nuts (which are often found in pesto).


One of great things about Dr South’s is the enrichment activities which take place.  These inevitably take a lot of organising and requests for funds at different times.  Cookery restarts next week.  The funding for staff for this is covered by the Lin Cooper Teaching Bursaries, but we ask for a contribution to cover ingredients.  Each child from Year 1 upwards receives 15 lessons over the year, and we ask for a total of £15 for this.  This can be paid £5 per term if that is easier.  You will see the relevant section now open on ParentPay; please pay this when you are able.

Art and Sport are now under way, and Forest School starts next week for Years 4 and 6.

This week we congratulated:

  • Willow Class: Ruby, for continuously displaying a positive and thoughtful attitude;
  • Ash Class: Milly N, a great retelling of a story; Flossie, for a lovely recount write-up;
  • Oak Class: Abra, for brilliant number bond work; William G, for good work on autobiographies;
  • Beech Class: Harry, for amazing maths; Matti, for fantastic engagement in guided reading.
  • Sport Award : Freya, for a beautiful warm-up demonstration and being an excellent guide;
  • Art Award : Isabella, for being hardworking and a brilliant pupil;

This week was Equalities Week.  Ask your child about how they can make the world a fairer place

Future events (w/b 18th September)

All week

  • Cookery – Beech Class
  • Health and Fitness – Year 3
  • Art and Design – Year 4


  • Forest School – Year 4


  • Miss Prud’homme is on a training course.  The class will be taught by Nikki, Jessica and Mrs Barnett.
  • Forest School – Year 6


  • Phonic meeting – 2.45pm and 7.00pm
  • Gosford Hill School open evening


  • Gosford Hill School open morning
  • Full Governing Body meeting


  • Mrs Halsey is on a training course.  The class will be taught by Mrs Watson.

Dates for the year

  • 20/09/2017      2.45pm            Introduction to phonics
  •                            7.00pm            Introduction to phonics
  • 28/09/2017      2.30pm            Help your child with early maths
  •                            7.00pm            Help your child with early maths
  • 05/10/2017      2.30pm            Help your child with KS2 maths
  •                            7.00pm            Help your child with KS2 maths
  • 06/10/2017      2.00pm            Harvest Festival
  • 23/10/2017 – 27/10/2017      Half term holiday
  • 01/11/2017                                Parent consultations
  • 02/11/2017                                Parent consultations
  • 06/12/2017      2.00pm            St Nicholas service
  • 13/12/2017                                Children’s bazaar
  • 19/12/2017      2.00pm            Nativity and carol service
  •                                                      End of term


  • 04/01/2018                               Start of term
  • 05/01/2018                               Pantomime trip
  • 02/02/2018                               Soup Lunch and Talent Show
  • 05/02/2018                               Beech Class residential
  • 12/02/2018 – 16/02/2018     Half term holiday
  • 21/02/2018                               Parent consultations
  • 22/02/2018                               Parent consultations
  • 27/03/2018      2.00pm           Holy Week service
  •                                                     End of term


  • 16/04/2018                               Start of term
  • 07/05/2018                               Bank Holiday – school closed
  • 14/05/2018                               Year 6 Assessment (SATS) week
  • 24/05/2018                               May Day
  • 25/05/2018 – 01/06/2018     Half term holiday
  • 14/06/2018                               Year 1 phonic screening week
  • 03/07/2018                               Sport Morning and family picnic
  • 11/07/2018      2.00pm           Ash and Willow Class production
  • 19/07/2018      1.30pm           Oak and Beech Class production
  •                            6.00pm            Oak and Beech Class production
  • 23/07/2018                               Reserve Sport Morning
  • 25/07/2018      2.00pm           Leavers’ Service
  •                                                     End of term