Newsletter 15th April 2016

Dear Parents,


I know from speaking with the children (and also from speaking with many of you!) that Digby has gone down well with the children.  He spends most of the time asleep in my office but deigns to appear from time to time to receive adulation.  We had a speaker from the Dogs’ Trust this week, and the children learned about keeping yourself safe around dogs.  They have already started practising!

New dinners

I have been rather disappointed over the last few months with the quality of the hot dinners.  After much research I have decided to go with a new supplier recommended by fellow headteachers who will allow us to design our own menus.  This will take effect from September and I hope that we will all be pleased with the improvement in quality.

Textile Recycling

Thank you for your support of this.  We have received our latest cheque from Devizes Textiles of £21.60.

Academy Consultation

Thank you to those of you who came to the meetings with ODST.  The consultation is still open and will run until 5th May.  If you have comments, please make sure you get them in by then.

Parental Questionnaires

Thank you also to those who have returned these.  The responses, along with the pupil questionnaires we did, have fed into our budget priorities for next year.  If you have not yet replied, please do so by Monday so that I can do a final report on the findings.

Crossing Patrol

We currently do not qualify for support with a crossing patrol, although we are actively challenging this decision with the Local Authority.  In the meantime, Churchill are running a competition, the winning prize being a lollipop person for a year.  Please visit if you wish to support our entry.

This week we congratulated:

  • Willow Class: Noah, for original and creative ideas when making a pebble grasshopper;
  • Ash Class: Frankie, for great work in computing;
  • Oak Class: Jacob, for excellent work with proverbs; Giorgio, for exceptional coding skills;
  • Beech Class: Harry, for creating well-written diary entries.

Best wishes, Huw Morgan – Headteacher

Our Christian value for the term is Justice.  Ask your child about Buddha and the swan and about doing tug of war with unequal teams.